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Iced Coffee…with Teeth

Whew.  It was a serious scorcher today.

It’s been 90-95 degrees inside our apartment all day, which is actually a relief when you compare it to the heat index of 107 degrees outside.  Thank goodness for air conditioners, even when they can hardly keep up.

Needless to say, Fritz and I have both been studying our hineys off today, and I decided to make him a midday treat as a little pick-me-up with a simultaneous cool-me-down.

You know he’s been studying a minimum of four hours every day for the past two months for his dental Board exams, right?  He has to pass the Boards part 1 to be able to take the Boards part 2 in order to become a full-blown dentist.  It’s also a good idea to do really well on part 1 if you want to specialize, which Fritz does.  It’s quite a bit of pressure to handle when all you want to do is relax and have a summer break.

Iced coffee, it is. 

But not just any ice coffee.  Iced coffee with teeth in it.

Fritz’s parents gave him teeth ice-cube molds as a gag gift a while ago, and I unearthed them and secretly froze milk in them.  Milk, because it’s white and looks like teeth…ya know?  I stuck them in a freezer baggie and bode my time until the perfect moment.

For the iced coffee, I just double-brewed the coffee (double the amount of coffee with the same amount of water that you’d usually use for one cup), poured it over lots of ice, a little milk, and a teensy bit of sugar (we usually drink our coffee and tea without sugar, but we needed it today).

Then the teeth.

I put one icy set of choppers in each drink, and they floated perfectly on the top as they began to melt.

Fritz totally cracked up when he saw it–mission accomplished!

So many other amusing beverages can be made in the future.  We also have molds for dinosaur bones and hearts, so I see a lot of potential here.

And once my finals are over (or hey, maybe tomorrow)–hello, mixed drinks!


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How to Store Cilantro (and Other Herbs)

Well, it’s 9:39 and I have yet to start studying for my test coming up (but I did study for a quiz and go over a Powerpoint), so I figured I might as well continue the trend and blog before I get down to business.

Plus, this’ll be another short one (lets see if I can be done by 10:00…it’s now 9:40).

In my CSA box this past week (another one comes tomorrow!), we received a giant bunch of cilantro.  I like cilantro well enough, but Fritz despises even the smell of it.  Seriously.  It makes him gag and whine like a little baby.

That’s not even all of it, and this posed a problem for my ability to finish said herb before it goes bad.  However, there is a solution!  Some herbs take to freezing well (such as basil, mint, chives, and obviously cilantro), and then they are quite easy to use later (or much later!) in soups, stews, and other cooked dishes.

Here’s the trick (9:46–had to upload all the pictures). 

Chop the herbs up veeeery finely and place in an ice-cube tray.  Spoon water over the top just until it’s covered.  Then freeze!

Quick and easy. 

Freeze until solid, then transfer to a freezer bag and label it (frozen herbs look a lot alike when they are finely minced)!  These popped really easily out of the ice tray, and the ice tray doesn’t even smell like cilantro (I was worried, with the whole Fritz-gagging thing).

In other (very exciting) news, we stopped by a garage sale the other day and found tons of lenses on sale that fit my new camera and cost (drumroll!) $20 each!  The owner had something to do with a camera repair shop, and wasn’t sure if the lenses worked or not, so we had to have an impromptu photo shoot (9:50).  Eber quickly complied.

Isn’t she gorgeous?  She was actually standing across the street as I was trying out a  zoom lens (we bought the one that took these pictures).

And one of my personal favorites:

We ended up buying two lenses for $30–quite the steal!  I can’t wait to try them out on some beautiful landscapes when we go on vacation with the family in August to Canada.  Should be a blast.

Unlike studying.  It’s 9:55!  Have a beautiful night!


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