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A Cat Family Portrait

I didn’t cook today.  Not one bit.

Fritz made us whole-wheat pancakes for breakfast, we went to a farm stand for some squashes and picked some apples, then we went to a birthday party for my BFF’s mom for dinner.  Overall, fun day. 

Did you guys know that I have a very handsome cat?

Henry noticed I had the camera out and asked if I could do a quick family portrait for him–this first one is Henry and his main squeezes (can you have more than one main squeeze?):

Once he saw how great this photo was, he asked if we could get everyone involved in a shot that was a little less formal:

It was all going swimmingly until a spark plug disconnected in Henry’s brain.  Things escalated quickly.

Once Henry leaves “nice cat” land and enters his “crack cat” phase, there’s nothing you can do but wait it out.

Luckily, once he gets it all out of his system, he’s back to being the most handsome and sweet cat ever.

For a short time, at least.


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No Power!

Thanks to Irene, Fritz and I are currently without power…and I can’t cook or blog.

It’s very sad.

We have been using a camping stove to make hot food, so I’m not starving–but I miss real cooking.  And blogging about it.

I’m at a friend’s house to catch up on emails and watch a movie and mostly just to get out of the dark and sad house.

Miss you guys!  Hopefully we’ll have power back real soon.


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More Vacation!

My mom and I are headed over to Boston with my fabulous younger sister Kristen to drop her off for school and hang for a few days before Fritz meets us there Sunday and the two of us head back to Long Island.

At least, that was the plan, until a nasty hurricane came along and decided to let us know that  perhaps traveling from Boston to Long Island on Sunday evening was perhaps not the best plan.  So Fritz is going to drive to Boston tonight instead, and we’ll leave Saturday evening to beat the storm.

Wish us luck.

I haven’t had much time (okay, any) time to do any cooking in the last few days, so a real blog post will have to wait until Sunday.  Yesterday was my baby sister Jordi’s birthday (not so much a baby anymore at 17!), and we spent the entire day doing very important birthday things, such as braiding neon colored dreadlocks into her hair.

Yeah, she’s seriously way cool.

We’re headed on to the road in a few minutes, so I just wanted to leave you with a few photos of my grandma that I found on my mom’s computer.  She was a truly stunning woman, and I couldn’t resist putting up these pictures!


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A Sunset Over the Long Island Expressway

The ride to the airport has never been so beautiful:


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Last Day on the Lake

Since it’s our last day on the beautiful lake (so sad!) here in British Columbia, I don’t feel much like blogging…but while I’m finishing this delightful snack of peanut butter and banana on sprouted toast (always a classic), I figured I could upload some pictures, do a quick edit, and submit them so ya’ll can see what we’ve been up to!

Wow.  Hello run-on sentence.

Anyway, we traveled on free ferries:

Made friends with new cats (oh, and by the way–Fritz finally agreed to let me get a fluffy orange kitten!  Now we just have to find one…):

I’ve written a guest post (that hasn’t yet been posted):

We’ve visited a bunch of artists:

We watched a lady with a really cool accent make a hand-blown glass:

And admired an impressive amount of hand-woven fabrics:

Handmade brooms?

We’ve baked:

And eaten a lot of whole-grain bread (recipe coming soon to a blog near you):

We’ve stared at this view every evening:

And of course, we’ve had wine with every dinner!

I’m off on one last canoe trip around the lake with Fritz, and tomorrow is a big day of driving, at his parents’ house Friday, then on Saturday we are flying home.  I will definitely miss this lake–but I am very excited to see my side of the family!


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Vacation Time, Guys

So, this is it.  I’m going on vacation tomorrow.

I’m going to wake up super early, run 2.2 miles (!), take a million trains, cars, buses, and planes, and arrive in Canada.  The mountains, the lakes, and the re-lax-ing.

So about blogging–I’m not sure what exactly will happen, but I can guarantee you that posting will be a lot less frequent for the next two weeks.  If I feel like it, I will probably update as often as the urge strikes, but they might just be pictures of lakes and water and trees and wildlife and Fritz in the sun.  That way, you can feel like you are on vacation with me.  Isn’t that nice?  Some food might be involved.

So I will leave you with this, my friends.  A photo of Henry as a kitten.  I found it on Fritz’s computer (from whence I am currently blogging), and I just know that it will brighten your next few weeks as you learn to live without my daily updates (just kidding!).

I’ll miss you!


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A Blue Jay Kind of Morning

So, as we were sitting down to eat breakfast (I made Fritz french toast in the world-renowned style of my dad, by the way), we noticed something unusual.   Henry hadn’t moved from his post at the window all morning.

Not only that, but he was…chirping.  It was weird.

After a few minutes of casual observation, we noticed that four blue jays were storming our deck and yelling at Henry.  No, really.

They took turns sharing their true feelings.  Loudly.

Our downstairs neighbor also texted us to tell us that the jays had also dive-bombed her little dog as he meandered outside to relieve himself.

My first and only thought–must run outside to find baby birds!  Fritz quickly followed with my new telephoto lens.

Man, I love that guy.

Sure enough, two baby blue jays had fallen from their nest and were apparently planning on taking temporary residence by our pool.  Whatever jays weren’t occupied with screening the neighborhood for imminent danger were busy with frequent feedings.

So cute!

The babies spent the morning slowly wandering from one end of the pool to the other, stretching, eating, cheeping, and basically being totally adorable.

Fritz was worried that they would get eaten by the dogs that visited with our landlord or run over by a lawnmower or fall into the pool.  I was nervous that their parents/aunts/uncles/nosy blue jay neighbors would get sick and tired of so many obnoxious humans with telephoto lenses hangin’ around that they’d just abandon their babies (don’t worry, I stayed pretty far away).

We clearly underestimated the vigilance of the blue jay.

Constant vigilance!

Name that movie and I will give you…my undying love.

Henry eventually got tired of defending his throne and wandered off to find some other important things to do.  It appears that this mostly involved sleeping.

I hope that you got to see something beautiful and out of the ordinary today!


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