Blog Roll

Here are several of the amazing blogs that inspire me to continue to create, filled with delicious food, innovative recipes, and beautiful photos:

Other (non-blog) websites:

6 responses to “Blog Roll

  1. I love chocolates and i love spicy food!!!It can’t get better than this….wish i cud taste it 😉 .Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  2. Tracy Walker

    Lauren, my daughter Taylor just made British Flapjacks. They were awesome !! Lyles Golden Syrup was a staple at my house growing up in Wales. We put it on porridge, on toast, and sometimes in tea. I was thrilled when she asked me to buy some for the house. When we came home from Wegmans I opened the container and dripped some onto my finger…that taste brought back such memories!
    Your website is incredible. You are terrifically talented ! I especially enjoy the photos. Great job ! ~Tracy

    • thanks! I really appreciate it! cooking/blogging/photography is what I do to remind myself about how happiness is found in the every day, mundane, little things–speaking of which, I’ve never tried Lyle’s golden syrup in tea, but since I drink about five cups a day, that might have to happen soon! English breakfast with milk?

  3. Scott

    Lauren: I enjoy your recipes–even if I am the only male who ever comments on your posts. I’m going to try one of your ‘green monsters’ one of these days, but the other recipes I’ve tried have turned out great!

    Congrats on Glamour–not that I read it, but that’s a big deal! And while I’m putting my 2 cents in, I think you should change the caption under your pic–you don’t seem to be using the KitchenAid that much, but Henry seems to be by your side an awful lot. 🙂

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