No Power!

Thanks to Irene, Fritz and I are currently without power…and I can’t cook or blog.

It’s very sad.

We have been using a camping stove to make hot food, so I’m not starving–but I miss real cooking.  And blogging about it.

I’m at a friend’s house to catch up on emails and watch a movie and mostly just to get out of the dark and sad house.

Miss you guys!  Hopefully we’ll have power back real soon.



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5 responses to “No Power!

  1. tracy

    Sorry!! A request in your cooking interlude…what other recipes might you have for fresh figs? I live in Washington state and have lots of red and white figs ready to pick…the race is on between me and the birds!! I have a dehydrator and a great juicer and blender…so…any ideas?? Thanks and you and your writings and recipes are such a breath of life and fresh air!! Thganks…Tracy

    • well you can send me a bunch of figs and i’ll take them off your hands! haha 🙂 I had a pizza at Unos the other day that had goat cheese, figs, and balsamic vinegar, which was GREAT. I’d also look into making a fig compote or jam, and that could use up a LOT of figs! Maybe fig and cardamom jam? OR dehydrated figs alone would make an amazing snack! let me know what you settle on!

  2. Tasha Orshoff

    That is a bummer. Hope it’s up and running soon!

  3. Oh no! Hope you get back to real cooking soon. I’m sure you’ll be able to celebrate with food when everything is back to normal!

  4. florence

    Always no power? I hope for you it will get back soon(and for us!) Good luck.

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