Last Day on the Lake

Since it’s our last day on the beautiful lake (so sad!) here in British Columbia, I don’t feel much like blogging…but while I’m finishing this delightful snack of peanut butter and banana on sprouted toast (always a classic), I figured I could upload some pictures, do a quick edit, and submit them so ya’ll can see what we’ve been up to!

Wow.  Hello run-on sentence.

Anyway, we traveled on free ferries:

Made friends with new cats (oh, and by the way–Fritz finally agreed to let me get a fluffy orange kitten!  Now we just have to find one…):

I’ve written a guest post (that hasn’t yet been posted):

We’ve visited a bunch of artists:

We watched a lady with a really cool accent make a hand-blown glass:

And admired an impressive amount of hand-woven fabrics:

Handmade brooms?

We’ve baked:

And eaten a lot of whole-grain bread (recipe coming soon to a blog near you):

We’ve stared at this view every evening:

And of course, we’ve had wine with every dinner!

I’m off on one last canoe trip around the lake with Fritz, and tomorrow is a big day of driving, at his parents’ house Friday, then on Saturday we are flying home.  I will definitely miss this lake–but I am very excited to see my side of the family!



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6 responses to “Last Day on the Lake

  1. Vacation endings are always bittersweet but how very lucky you are to have spent it in such a gorgeous place. That’s a million dollar view. And now, you can look forward to finding that perfect kitten! Tell Fritz that one can never have too many cats. 🙂 Thanks for sharing part of your vacation, always look forward to your updates…safe home!

  2. I hope this isn’t creepy, but I know exactly where you are 😀 I live in the town to the south of the lake. I hope you had a great time! I love going up the lake. All the artisans are awesome. I actually haven’t been this year, but we’re going camping in a couple weeks so we’ll have to stop. I’ve always wanted to see them actually blow glass but for some reason I always miss them. Beautiful pictures! And enjoy the rest of your trip 😀

  3. That bread looks AMAZING!!!! 😀 I can’t wait to try that recipe! I’m glad that you had an amazing time! Hehe, that kitty is so cute! You should definitely adopt him. 😉

  4. florence

    Thanks for your beautiful pictures,each time it’s a real pleasure.

  5. Lovely post! Canada is a beautiful place to visit…and live 🙂 Looking forward to the bread recipe too!

  6. I had a fluffy orange kitten, that then grew into my beloved Leo. He is no longer with us but I miss him and his canine character to this day. Ginger cats are the best, the are so full of energy and character. Great vacation! I am catching up on all the posts you wrote while I was away.

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