Broiled Lemon Salmon (and an Eagle Sighting?)

I think I might become a bird watcher.  First we find some baby blue jays in my backyard, and today I believe we witnessed not one but two bald eagles just totally hangin’ outside our front deck.  They were kind enough to wait around for me to locate my camera, change the lens, and get situated before taking off in flight.

Gorgeous, eh?

So are these bald eagles?  Bird experts out there, let me know.  They were huge!

And in other fantastical news, Tharrie (Fritz’s mom) made the best salmon I’ve probably ever had.  It was super easy, very low maintenance, and tasted absolutely fantastic–crunchy outer crust, and perfect flaky moist fish on the inside.

And I’m here to impart that magic to you guys.  And in true vacation-style, I’m only estimating the ingredients–if that.  Mostly just giving you another idea.

Tharrie’s Broiled Lemon Salmon

  • salmon fillet, no skin
  • generous sprinkle of salt and pepper
  • liberal drizzle of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 3-4 T olive oil
  • herbs–I’d suggest rosemary, or oregano, or any seasoning packet that might work with seafood. 

Again, she just dashed the ingredients on as inspiration struck.  Let the photos lead you, but let the fresh taste of perfectly baked fish be the star of this dish.  Don’t go crazy with the herbs.

Preheat the broiler on the oven, and adjust the oven rack to a high level.  Our fish was only a few inches from the broiler.

On a foil-lined tray, drizzle several tablespoons of olive oil over the surface and gently lay the fish on top.  Drizzle with another tablespoon of olive oil, and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and herbs.  Squeeze the lemon generously over the top, and place in the broiler for 15-20 minutes (check it frequently, and baste with the olive oil several times to prevent burning).

That’s it!  You won’t believe how amazing this fish will turn out.  The crisp, buttery crust, followed by tender and flaky fish.  A dream come true.

She also threw some onions on the tray to broil alongside the fish.  Yes.

For dessert?  Fresh fruit from several of BC’s highly recommended fruit stands.  Who knew that Canadian cherries were something to be so highly regarded?

Nothing like fresh cherries to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Especially with some fresh picked (err…bought) chocolate and brandy sauce.


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15 responses to “Broiled Lemon Salmon (and an Eagle Sighting?)

  1. Jenny

    Did the eagles drop off a fresh salmon for you? Or did fritz catch one from a stream with his bare hands? I’d like to believe you guys are roughing it (though I’m fairly certain that’s quite far from the truth). Give the in-laws hugs and kisses for me, and I’ll deliver yours upon your return.

  2. I love salmon. I will try out this method.

    QUESTION: Why was salmon without skin used? Can one do this broiling process with skin-on salmon? I love the skin part.

    • Yes you could use it with skin–I actually love the skin too (more Omega-6s :)), but I wrote about the skinless to be specific because I’m not sure if it will take longer to broil the skin-on salmon. Definitely try it (and let me know how it works!)

  3. florence

    What beautiful photos,(but henri miss me).You are lucky to be here.Canada is a such beautiful country.Salmon looks good , I’ll try it.

  4. Holly

    Salmon recipes… and an eagle – my my we’re lucky readers!!

  5. The salmon looks delicious. Love the eagle photos

  6. How cool! 🙂 And that salmon looks delicious!

  7. I cannot believe you saw that glad eagle – so freakin’ cool! This salmon looks amazing 🙂

  8. Eagle looks so hungry staring at the mouthwatering salmon.

  9. Great bird shots! Isn’t it fun seeing majestic birds like that? This looks like such a great meal too. Yum!

  10. Amazing eagle pictures! I love salmon and eat it at least once a week, so you’re post caught my eye. I think it’s great that you kept the recipe simple, because that’s when you can really enjoy the taste of the fish. One of my favorite ways to do salmon is to drizzle some liquid smoke on it, squeeze some lemon or lime on top, and grill it. If you let the edges get a little crispy it’s amazing!

  11. kat

    YUM!!! That look so good! I love salmon that’s cooked in the oven! Thanks for sharing! Will definitely have to give this a try soon! 🙂

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