The Regional Market and a Summer Wedding

Yesterday was just a good day all around–it started off with a trip to the regional market (a giant farmer’s/flea market) and ended with a lot of dancing at a wedding.

Here’s some pictures of the bride and groom, Chris and Carley:

Receiving the blessing:

Exchanging rings:

Lighting the unity candle:

Beautiful moment between dad and daughter:

And mom and son (and new daughter-in-law):

Father daughter dance:

And mother-son dance:

And one of the best parts was reuniting with some of my high-school friends:

Congrats to the new beautiful couple, and I know you’ll share many beautiful years together!

We had a blast, tearing up the dance floor later on in the night.  But I can’t finish talking about my great day without sharing some of my farmer’s market finds:

Please do yourself a favor and visit  My mom and I first found their soaps at Green Planet grocery, loved them, and were so happy to find them at the regional market!  The soaps and candles have the absolute best scents–I wanted to buy each one.  Seriously perfect gifts if you know someone who likes to be pampered but wants natural skin care.

And no, they didn’t pay me to say that.  I wish they did.

We also ended up buying this chocolate balsamic vinegar (and a peach balsamic vinegar) from Cosimano e Ferrari.  Um, yes, please.

We left with some cherries, sweet potato orzo, the vinegars, a jar of Korean kimchi, two jars of maple cream, tomatoes, a pot of basil, two types of local cheeses, a cantaloupe, and some sexy sunglasses for Fritz.

Good day.

Today we are having some people over for a fourth of July party, and I’m planning on making a dessert using up the giant bowls of raspberries my parents picked from the back yard–I’ll let you know tomorrow what I came up with.  Have a beautiful day!


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