A Visit to NYC

Hey y’all!

This is going to be a quick post because: 1) I haven’t cooked in two days (well, except for some green beans and microwaved frittata for dinner tonight–but that hardly counts); and 2) I visited Eber (Fritz’s sister) in the big city for her belated birthday celebration this weekend and now I’m sleepy!  But I can’t go too many days without blogging or I get sad.

After going out with Eber and some of her friends to celebrate (and perhaps imbibing in one too many $4 margaritas), we woke up late today and decided to go out for a fancy brunch date.  Fancy mostly meaning “anything involving the city” because it all feels fancy when compared to Long Island.  People wear high heels to brunch there!  My heels have basically been retired since I started PT school–not much use when you are trying to reteach someone how to walk, climb stairs, or put on their prosthetic limb.  I do miss them a tiny bit, though.

I think I need a little more fancy in my life.

But anyway, back to brunch.  We went to a cute little restaurant called Good Enough to Eat on the Upper West Side, and it was fantastic. We arrived around 11 or 12 and there was a 30-40 minute wait–but ’cause Eber and I are just so darn attractive, we got to skip the line and eat basically right away.

Actually, it may have had to do with the fact that we were the only party of two, and there were mostly large families in line ahead of us, but that’s really a moot point.

I ordered a brunch special–three-egg herb omelet with parsley, dill, and goat cheese, served with toast (giant, huge slices!), strawberry butter (oh, yes), and a green salad.  I also ordered a fruit cup on the side because, dang it, I was starving.

Eber got a “Farmhouse Breakfast”–bacon, two poached eggs over dill-onion toast, and specially requested goat cheese to go with it.

I really love goat cheese, even though it smells exactly like a goat.  Which I know, because my parents have two.  It’s just so good.

We were proud clean platers.  This was a seriously delicious brunch.  I wanted to lick my plate (don’t worry, I managed to refrain).

We walked from brunch over to Central Park and to my joyous surprise there was a farmer’s market going on!  Farmer’s markets are one of my favorite things of all time; just tasting and walking through is enough for me, since I had no intention of buying veggies just to carry them all the way back to Long Island.  Fritz actually took me to a farmer’s market in Texas the day he asked me to marry him, but that’s a story for another time.

It was awesome to visit Eber and meet some of her lovely friends–I had a really fun time and definitely ended my week of vacation on a high note.  Am I ready to go back to school?  No.  Not really.  But at least I’m starting some new classes, so it’ll be a change.  I am really looking forward to August, when I have the entire month off.  And the summer weather is definitely helping me feel less burnt out–how can you be sick of school when the sun is shining, my peonies are blooming, and the pool is calling my name?

You really can’t.

See you tomorrow for some recipes!


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6 responses to “A Visit to NYC

  1. Your pics of the farmers market just made me smile in the midst of my “working too late” Sunday night blues. Your breakfast looked delish. Were you shooting with an iPhone or an actual camera? The pictures came out lovely.

  2. I love the farmer’s market pictures! Especially the pickle jars! I looked up the company online because they looked so good. =)

  3. My BlogJect

    your post makes me want to drop it all and find myself a credit card to go live in new york. What is it about that city. It’s a place that you can love like a soul mate even after just two visits.
    Wow, I’m so jealous!

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