A Visit to the Lake

My family has a little tradition of visiting the town next door after dinner, which has a gorgeous lake (cleanest water in the state!), beautiful pier, and yummy coffee and ice cream shops.  It’s something I have always looked forward to–if it’s a nice night, we head over there, pick up some treats, move a bench right by the lake edge, and chat.  We go for a walk on the pier, look for fish, and if I’m around, take a lot of pictures.  Fritz and I got a lot of pictures taken there after we got married.  I just love hearing my dad ask, “wanna go to the lake?”, and the answer is always yes.

We took so many gorgeous pictures that I had to share.

Mom spotted a little bird peeking out of its house:

Here’s our spot on the bench:

Mom and I ran off to do a quick photo shoot because I told her I wanted a new picture for the front of my blog–sometimes serious, and sometimes not so much:

But always beautiful!

We caught a few fun moments and had a lot of genuine laughs:

And of course, Dad couldn’t get left out of the photo shoot entirely:

We meandered over to the pier as the sun was setting–the next picture is a little overexposed, but I still love it:


I love this next picture of my mom, because she looks exactly like she did in her twenties.

And the sunset made for such beautiful backlighting:

I had such a great day today–the only way it would have been better is to add in the rest of my family. 

It was one of those days you know you’ll look back fondly upon.

Happy Memorial Day!



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6 responses to “A Visit to the Lake

  1. You guys are such a beautiful family!!!!

  2. Debbie Niejadlik

    Somehow I stumbled upon your blog…several months ago! Your Dad is my cousin. You are the spitting image of Claire! UNBELIEVABLE! Those Naczi genes are powerful! I totally enjoy your writing, recipes & humor….I believe you got that from your Dad? Your Mom has not changed since I met her waaaaay back when. It was so exciting to view pictures of your Dad,Mom & you. Thank you for sharing.

    • Wow, thanks so much! I love finding out that my family reads my blog, and I’m glad you got to see a family update!! I told Dad that I never thought I looked like Claire, and he concurs with you–he says he sees it in certain facial expressions that I make all the time 🙂 Those powerful genes 😉

  3. wow Lauren – great blog…I am praying blogging becomes more fun for me because I NEED to write – I just love it when someone is employing some real production value into their expression…and I agree with the comment on White Summery Sangria – your pix are very well layed out – inspiring to a beginner.

    • Thanks so much for the comment, when people say things like that it is an inspiration to me to keep blogging! It’s definitely taken me a LOT of time to find my way to this layout/picture size/background/font/color/header, etc. I read a few other blogs consistently and really wanted to search for a layout that was fresh and bright. But if you need to write, then write! As long as you are getting satisfaction with what you are doing, then it’s worth it!

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