Happy Mother’s Day!

I can’t tell you everything that I love about my mom.  I just don’t have that kind of time, and I assume that you don’t either.  But what I can tell you is that she is an amazing woman who not only gave me life, but taught me so much about how to live it.

Born as a supercute baby (with a very uncomfortable chair):

My mom met a handsome young man (how could she not, with those 6-foot long legs!) and gave him an ultimatum:  marry me, or live to regret it!

She usually gets her way:

The two of them had lots of babies, including some that they got to handpick.

Mom and I.  Look at the love on her face–some women were just born to be mothers.

She’s adventurous and fun, and constantly laughing:

But she’s there for the serious moments too–when I woke up having bad dreams and crept into their bedroom, when I broke up with my first real boyfriend, when I’m stressed out about school and real life, and when I decided to marry my own best friend (and discovered I barely fit into my dress):

I’m so lucky to have a mom who notices as soon as she hears my voice on the phone that something’s wrong, who understands my issues and tells me about her own so I’ll feel better, and who encourages everything I decide to do.

She is always among the first to read every blog post (and she discretely emails me when she finds an error), and she buys me fun ingredients to try and pretty plates to take pictures of.  When I was growing up, she let me stand next to her on a chair while she showed me how to roll stuffed cabbage, and when I told her I wanted my first solo baking adventure to be a chocolate souffle, she only asked that I didn’t burn the house down.  I find myself becoming more and more like her every day, using the everyday ideas I’ve picked up from her own habits.

For instance, who needs a fancy ring holder when your house comes with them built in?

She is beautiful, inside and out.  Love you, Mom!

But there’s another woman out there who deserves a mention!

Who would have thought that all the way from South Africa would come a woman (bearing her handsome son) who would someday become my mother-in-law?

The thing is, she’s not just a mother-in-law.  She’s so much more than someone who just happens to have given birth to my husband.  She’s warm, friendly, welcoming, creative, funny, and super supportive of Fritz and I.  I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again–if I could have been given the option to handpick my mother-in-law, I’d choose her again.  She has added so much color and inspiration to my life.

So this is for all the moms out there who have sacrificed so much for their children, but especially mine:



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3 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Hannah

    Wow, what a nice gift for Mother’s Day! The only thing that would have made it more perfect is a box from you with a note that said “warning, open first before you read blog post” and it contained tissues. And a small box for after reading that contained a sweet potato cinnamon roll. Love you too Lala! Wish you were here. And I wish Tharrie were here too, love that lady!

  2. tharrie

    I am Such a blessed mother as God hand-picked me the mostest specialist daughter-in-love….love you

  3. Awww, this is so beautiful!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

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