Our Wedding

This doesn’t have anything to do with food, at all.

My friend Cait posted about her honeymoon a few weeks ago, and it got me reminiscing.  It’s unbelievable that in just under two months, Fritz and I will have been married for two years!  At the risk of getting too mushy (you can ask Fritz, I’m absolutely not a romantic), it has really been amazing.  Fritz enriches my life until it is a million times better than it ever was.  Until it happens, you never realize how incredible it is to live with your best friend in the whole wide universe.

Plus, I’m not sure if you know this, but Fritz has always just naturally had a six pack.  Of abs!  I never suspected that when I first met him as an incredibly smart and dorky kid with too-long hair in my undergrad science classes. 

It’s always the brainy ones that surprise you the most.

Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of wedding pictures from that perfect, sunshiney day–May 30, 2009:

My maid of honor and best friend of all time, Jenny, and my new sister-in-law, Eber–two incredibly gorgeous ladies.

My best friends and favorite people in all the world–my sisters.  Erin, the matron of honor, Kristen, and Jordi.  These girls seriously make my world go ’round.

Fritz and his dad, and of course the best man, Zev.  Guys like this don’t come along every day (but he’s taken, ladies, so back off!).

How many family members does it take to squeeze me into a dress that was borderline perfect fit and torture device?  But–so worth it.

I think we can all just be honest here and say that a cuter flower girl has never existed, and never will.  My cousin Maia just takes the cake.

From the top: Fritz’s parents (most likely congratulating themselves on snagging the perfect daughter-in-law), walking down the aisle, the giving away (my dad is always a smart one!), the KISS!, and the triumphant walk out.

Never before have two families blended so well (and we can’t forget my sister’s hubby, Bruce, who got left out of this family picture).

The boys and the girls.  This picture of all my sisters and best friends is one of my favorite photos in the entire world.  I love it so, so much.

And there’s gotta be some romance!  It was our wedding day, after all.

All of our dances.

It feels so long ago, but at the same time like it was just yesterday.  I have a million more pictures I wanted to put up, but I got lost wandering nostalgically through all 23,230,603,359 of our wedding pictures, so that’s it for now.

Here’s to (almost) two years!

I love you Christiaan Frederick Zietsman V!



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2 responses to “Our Wedding

  1. Barb Holstrom

    I will admit it was a beautiful wedding between two talented, intelligent, funny and beautiful people. Congrats on your “almost” anniversary.

  2. sarah

    I think I can see your intestines in that one picture of you getting into your dress… I like you how you are now! Both are beautiful though!!!

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