Croque Monsieur

This post is allll about breakfast.

I used to never eat breakfast–as recently as several months ago.  I knew all the facts about people who eat breakfast being thinner and healthier and blah blah blah–but what I felt is that it was a very easy time to skip eating ’cause I wasn’t that hungry.

Until lunchtime came around, and dinner…and post dinner snacks.  I would eat a lot later in the day–because when you’ve run your body on no fuel all day, it tends to try to get even.

So a few months ago I heard a trainer on MTV’s I Used to Be Fat (of all things) talk about how important breakfast is.  Nothing I hadn’t heard before, but this time I was ready to hear it.  With the last year of much healthier eating under my belt, the idea of a big breakfast resonated with me.

And now I have an excuse to eat a giant bowl of Greek yogurt and bananas, or eggs on toast, or oatmeal in any form imaginable.  Breakfast is now my favorite meal of the day.  I live for breakfast! 

First up is a breakfast bake.  I used a recipe from a fellow breakfast-lovin’ food blogger the edible perspective.

I used her recipe exactly, so I’m just gonna give you the link.  This is my first time ever attempting a microwaved-cookie-cake type breakfast, so once I become familiar with it and start making up my own recipes, I’ll post them for you to try.  Until then, enjoy hers–banana breakfast cookie.

Here’s what mine looked like:

Next up:  a Croque Monsieur.

I last had one of these in 8th grade French class with Mrs. Holmes, and it came to me as something Fritz would really love–so I made him one!  He says that in South Africa, french toast is generally a savory food, not a sweet one.  It must have been quite the culture shock to move here and be confronted with my dad’s award-winning (I just awarded it) confectioner’s sugary, buttery, swimming in maple syrup absolute best french toast of all time.  I mean it.  That french toast is seriously the bomb dig.  If you want to come over for breakfast sometime, I’m fairly sure I can convince Dad to make it for you.  You’ll never be the same.

Croque Monsieur (serves one)

  • 2 slices whole-wheat bread
  • 1 egg, beaten with a T or two of milk
  • Cheese (I used about 1/8 C grated cheddar)
  • 2-3 slices ham (I went non-traditional and used pastrami)
  • salt and pepper to taste


If you’ve ever made french toast or a grilled cheese sandwich, you are all set for this.  Just combine ’em.

First, dip the bread in the egg/milk mixture until soaked through.  Cook on a buttered/canola oil sprayed griddle over medium/medium-high heat until golden brown on both sides.  Place cheese and meat in between the slices, reduce the heat a bit (don’t want to burn the bread!), and continue to cook until the cheese is melted.

Slice down the middle and serve. 

Enjoy watching Fritz’s eyes widen and jaw drop.  Breakfast??  This is a breakfast food??

 Bon Appétit!



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8 responses to “Croque Monsieur

  1. Both breakfasts look great! Hope you liked the cookie bake. 🙂

  2. i love brekkie as well… breakfast for dinner is also equally fantastic! thanks for sharing the recipes for banana brekkie cookies & croque monsieur. will have to try these out sometime soon.

  3. this has made me so hungry, im going to take an early lunch …

  4. ebonyeyes123

    My mouth is watering now.
    Can you make some suggestions for the kind of bread for someone with Glutin sensitivities? No wheat or oats.
    I would really appreciate that.
    Thank you.

    • sure my friend ate gluten free for a while so I do know some–if you want to buy it, Udis GF bread has a ton of varieties. If you are baking (which is difficult) try using almond flour, brown rice flour, cornmeal, buckwheat, quinoa–all of those are gluten free. Because they don’t contain gluten you’ll have to use Xanthum or Guar Gum to make them come out normally. You can also buy flour mixes that are already prepared so you just substitute them in for regular flour. Good luck!! Trader Joes and Whole Foods have a lot of GF options, but it is more expensive to buy 😦

      • ebonyeyes123

        Thank you for the tips on GF breads and where to buy them. I don’t know if Vancouver has a Trader Joes but I will try
        at Whole Foods.

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