My Valentine’s Day Present–A Light Box!

Fritz spent quite a few hours over the last few days working on a present for me–a light box.  I had been frustrated lately (or all winter) by the limited ability of my camera combined with the fact that it’s dark every time that I’m home.  He often finds me standing at the counter balancing a light precariously over my shoulder trying to get as much illumination as possible so all my pictures don’t turn out a murky yellow.

He did some quick research and I showed him a blog post I read on making a light box from Oh She Glows.  We used this basic model and then made a few slight adjustments to fit our tiny kitchen table and backless stools.  Henry must have also read Angela’s post, because he quickly jumped into the box just like her cat did.  Guess he likes the warmth (and I heard he’s trying to get his modeling career to take off).

Once my box was all built, here’s what it looked like:

Fritz used some bookends that we had for light stands.  It’s actually the perfect solution, because depending on how I turn them, I have three different heights for the light.

It’s also easy to set up and put away.  That might be the most important part.

Here’s some examples of the pictures I can take inside here.  I made a pizza for dinner tonight and used the light box extensively, but until I edit all of those pictures, you’ll have to settle for my sugar bowl–but you can definitely see the difference!

I normally take pictures on a tiny ledge in front of my spice cupboard or on the table because I get the best light there, the background is white for easier editing, and it’s easy to grab another light to brighten it up a bit. 

Here’s an unedited photo of the sugar bowl from both the cupboard and from inside the lightbox:

Huge difference already.  Here’s the same pictures, edited using the exact same tools (adjusted brightness, contrast, and white balance on the left photo):

I think that these pictures speak for themselves.

I’ve already learned a lot about how to use this light box and how to adjust the lights for the best pictures, but I’m sure there’s a lot more experimenting I need to do.  We still need to get the right kind of lightbulbs, but so far what we have is working so much better than what I’ve done in the past.

I’ll leave you with a Henry photo shoot.  Enjoy!



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6 responses to “My Valentine’s Day Present–A Light Box!

  1. Lisa C

    Henry is seriously cute!!

  2. Hannah

    I’m even more impressed that Fritz MADE the light box. He certainly is a keeper! 🙂 Your photos do a great job of showing the difference. I also forgot to tell you that Quee’s photos were picked for an exhibit – ask her next time you chat!

  3. Thanks for the simple steps to make the light box. This is exactly what I need to improve my closeups. Lighting is crucial as you know, and using a flash usually washes the colors out. There is a light box in my very near future.

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