Merry Christmas from Calgary!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas yesterday and are eating as many leftovers as possible, like we are.  Yesterday, Tharrie outdid herself and made ham, a rack of lamb, creamed green beans, yams, a beautiful salad with goat cheese feta (WHAT?! Goat cheese feta?!  It can only be described as a Christmas miracle that such a cheese exists!), and potatoes au gratin for dinner yesterday, and I literally laid awake in bed this morning dreaming about ways to combine these things into a healthy and happy second round.  I went with a sandwich: purple wheat bread (the wheat itself must be purple because the bread certainly isn’t), lettuce, orange bell pepper, thickly sliced ham, and some spicy Russian vodka mustard with a substantial dose of black pepper.  Sadly, no pictures of either version of this Christmas meal exist.  That’s mainly because I was waaaay too concerned with the actual eating part that for once I had to push my food-blogger self aside.

But don’t worry–I did take some other Christmas-y pictures.

We slept in a bit (I did some reading–my goal is to get through roughly 287,539 books over the next three weeks, which has been made infinitely easier since my parents bought me a kindle!), had some tea and coffee, and decided it was time to open some presents.  Eber was designated Santa:


Our theme for gift-giving this year was tacky, $5 and under presents, as you will soon see.  Tharrie and Johann have, of course, managed the thwart this plan by giving us gifts under name other than Christmas (“Oh, these are your ‘you-just-arrived-here-gifts!'”, “no, these aren’t Christmas gifts, they are late Thanksgiving!/early birthday!/it’s Sunday morning! gifts”–you get the gist of it).  The theme definitely did make for some highly amusing gift moments, though.

As I’m sure you all know by now, I can rarely post without mentioning a cat.  Enter Prince, a handsome black cat who started off as Eber’s baby in the city and got adopted by Tharrie and Johann when she moved to a cat-free apartment:

Henry, who has been left with an automatic feeder, a million toys, and my BFF Jen to check in on him every once in a while, still managed to make his presence known, albeit from 2,445.24 miles away (I mapquested it).  When it was Fritz’s turn to unwrap a present from me, we noticed not only tooth marks in the wrapping paper but also what shall henceforth be named “The Mark of the Beast” in the decorative ornament on top:

Fritz also managed to wear every single one of his Christmas gifts:

Handsome guy, I know.  Not every woman can be so lucky.  Not only does he look good in drinking-straw glasses, but he was able to clean himself up enough to make us all a Christmas breakfast.

Might I say it?  Another Christmas miracle!

Tonight we are going to go see A Christmas Carol, and many other fun surprises are in store for us.  Since we have a crazy schedule coming up, I can’t guarantee when the next blog post will arrive, but I can promise this:  the Zietsman clan is going to embark upon our first annual gingerbread house making escapade, and I will document every moment.  I also plan on introducing these South Africans to the joy of a true Hungarian stuffed cabbage dinner.  Keep checking back, and I promise that some delicious recipes will be heading your way!  Most importantly, enjoy your holidays with the people you love most.



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4 responses to “Merry Christmas from Calgary!

  1. Sarah

    That looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Sarah Midgley

    What is Russian Vodka Mustard? I … Must… Have.. This.

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