Bein’ Home

It is just so nice to be home.  Home in Syracuse, that is.

I was not allowed to post anything home-related on the blog for the last few days because my visit home was largely to surprise my sister, Erin, and she wasn’t here yet.  But in the last few days have been great–and I have one or two photos to prove it.

1) It snowed a lot.

2) I went to the mall waaay too much.  First time was with Jordi for a shopping trip/girl’s night while Mom and Dad had date night downtown.

The second time was to see The Tourist with Mom, Dad, and Jordi.  No pictures of that, though.  The third time was to catch up with a great old friend of mine (she’s not old, our friendship is!), Sarah.

She brought her baby, Cora, who will henceforth be known as “The Cutest Baby to Ever Grace the Planet”:

3) I miss Fritz.  He’s in Long Island still, finishing up classes.  Not cool, not cool at all.

Isn't he cute? It's from Dentist Prom last year.

4) There’s nothing like cooking a big pot of Hungarian stuffed cabbage for the whole family that feels like home.  I can’t wait to make at least two more giant pots of this during the rest of break.

5) I love my family.  Photos to arrive soon.

It’s been great to be home.  Sadly, after a few more shenanigans, I’m heading to the airport to return to Long Island–but the next day, it’s time for destination: Calgary!

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One response to “Bein’ Home

  1. Sarah

    We had such a great time! Can’t wait to see you again!

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