Sushi, Sushi

Isn’t it amazing how an entire day can go by without any studying?  Then suddenly it’s 6:30 and I am still finding things to do other than open those books up.  But my tests aren’t until Tuesday and Wednesday anyway–there’s plenty of time left, right?

In some good news, I discovered a more cost-effective way to feed my cookbook addiction: food magazines at the library!  I get to take them out for three weeks (way more time then I need), and there’s a huge selection of food magazines with healthy recipes, quick tips, glossy photos, and all that good stuff.

Vegetarian magazine actually had an article about making sushi, which turned out perfectly, as you will soon read:

Last night I went over to our friends’ house (Hi Cait and Jeff!) to try our hand at making sushi.  Some other friends of ours from school, Jeff and Brianna, also showed up bearing edamame…and I had completely forgotten how much I love those little soy pods!  Anyway, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing, other than some slight guidance from the magazine article, but the sushi turned out lovely anyway.

Make-Your-Own Sushi Rolls

  • 1 pkg of nori (seaweed sheets, 1 sheet per roll)
  • 1/2 C sushi rice per sheet
  • variety of vegetables, sliced into thin straws (we used carrots and avocados; cucumber and asparagus are two others I think would be great)
  • 1 C shrimp, crab, or raw fish, sliced (I like tuna and salmon best, but please be careful using raw meat!)

For our sushi rice, we used plain cooked brown rice.  The article suggested mixing various types of grains, then adding a dash of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar before using.  The rice needs to be a bit damp to soften the nori sheets and help them stick once rolled.  We really didn’t feel like we were missing out by using plain rice, but I do love vinegar, so I’m sure it’d be great.

Start out by placing a nori sheet shiny-side down on a plate. 

Spread the rice evenly over the nori, leaving 1/4″ around the edges bare.  Line up whatever mix of ingredients you choose at one edge to prepare for rolling.

Now this is the important part: the rolling!  They make mats specifically for this purpose, but we didn’t feel it was necessary to buy them (it’s not!)  Start rolling at the end with the filling, and make sure to roll as tightly as possible! Otherwise everything will just fall out when you cut it.  Slice the roll with a sharp knife (we tested out quite a few knives), and don’t worry about the two ends–they’ll most likely fall apart.  Get rid of those guys.

Drizzle with some soy sauce, and wasabi or ginger if you have it lying around and want that authentic experience.  I was given a quick lesson on how to use chopsticks (I am so bad at it!), and we all chowed down.  Delicious and good for you!

Perfect dinner.

Now I’m off to my own personal physical therapy student hell otherwise known as my fifth consecutive week of studying for “midterms”.  Just so we all don’t have to suffer, I’ll leave you with a nice little image of Henry in cat heaven (I told you I was obsessed with that beast of a feline!)


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