A Lady’s Journey

So this is just a quick post that has almost nothing to do with cooking and much more to do with something that I like very much, which is the fabulously inspiring art of my mother-in-law, Tharrie Zietsman.  I just got off a long and enjoyable Skype chat with her, and just thought that I would post the newly born website of her artwork for anyone that hasn’t yet seen it.  So, go enjoy and share A Lady’s Journey (because isn’t that what we are all on, anyway? Even you men are really just along for the ride!) 

part of Tharrie's recent gallery exhibit

Tharrie with her sister Anet and Fritz during their recent visit to our part of the country

Check out this link to go to Tharrie’s website and see more of her creations. 

And what does this have to do with cooking?  Well, I just like it.

a house-warming gift from Tharrie when we moved into our new apartment


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  1. Ilze Brink-Button

    Love this too!

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